With 2020 in full swing I figured an official update was quite overdue. It's been a busy few months for me personally, which is why there hasn't been any new articles. I assure you though, I have a few exciting things in the pipeline!


So here's a quick recap of the last few months:

  • September (on my 30th birthday) we found out we are expecting our second child!
  • November my wife and I bought a new house in our hometown in Pennsylvania so we could be closer to friends and family. The house is in decent shape but needed new carpet, deep cleaning, and lots of paint.
  • December kept me busy painting all of the bedrooms (thank you to Netflix for keeping me sane).
  • January we were surprised to discover our second child is a boy! I was also accepted in the .NET Foundation, became a Certified Scrum Master, and took over a significant account in my day job. Oh and I made approximately 12+ trips back and forth to move essentials and comforts to our new house (thank you to multiple podcasts for keeping me sane).
  • February we moved our furniture up from the old house and started the process of listing our house.

TL;DR - We've got a new house, a son on the way, a house that we need to sell, more day work, and acceptance into the .NET Foundation! Phew, what a way to close out 2019!

Plans for 2020

As I said, I have a few things in the pipeline for 2020. First and foremost our son is due at the end of May! I have been working on Part II of my ASP.NET Core Request Pipeline series, as well as some articles around static code analysis and other tooling. I'd also like to dive into Blazor a bit more (how does building peer-to-peer desktop apps sound?). And we've got some time, but .NET 5 is (currently) set to release in November, so I will absolutely be covering all details of the release and specifically how to upgrade existing projects.

I have another project that is still secret for now, but I am extremely excited about getting started on it. It will be a ton of work, and will evolve over time, but I think it will fulfill a very important need in the greater .NET Community.

What do you want to learn about in 2020? Send me a tweet and tell me your goals for 2020. I'd love to help you on your developer journey!